Cost of Liver Transplant in India, China, Singapore, U.K., Japan etc.

The Cost of Liver Transplant in India varies from Rs.12 Lac to Rs.30 Lac. The Cost of Liver Transplant depends on Hospital, Surgeon and many other factors and variables. Proper knowledge of the process of Liver Transplant can reduce this cost effectively. In addition, there is a recurring expenditure after transplant of around Rs. 20,000 pm for the first 4-6 months, Rs. 12-15,000 pm for the next 6 months and Rs. 8-12,000 pm thereafter. Some of the factors which increase the cost of Liver Transplant in India and China are:

  • Unnecessary Medical Tests

  • Middlemen and/or Commissions Agents

  • From where you purchase antirejection medicines

  • Hypothetical Fees ( Unfortunately the patients have to pay as due to lack of information they dare not ask questions. )

During our consultation we provide information about different ways to Minimize the Cost of a Sucessful Liver Transplant.

In a liver transplant procedure/operation enormous resources are involved and consumed. It includes:

  • Teams of doctors from many departments for the operation and care of the patient and the liver donor:

    • transplant surgeons

    • hepatologists

    • anesthetists

    • operation room technicians

    • psychiatrists

    • intensivists

    • radiologists for CT scan, MRI and ultrasound

    • cardiologists

    • pulmonologists

    • critical care specialist

    • ICU staff and nurses

    • nuritionist

    • pathologist

    • microbiologist

    • nephrologists

    • gynecologists in case of female patients

  • Expensive medicines (in large quantitites):

    • albumin

    • anesthetics which are safe for the liver

    • antibiotics

    • liver preservative solutions

  • Many consumables (during and after the operation)

    • vascular staplers

    • drapes

    • clips

  • Frequent blood tests to monitor the condition of the patient and the functioning of the transplanted liver.

All these factors make a liver transplant one of the most expensive operations in the history of medical treatment.

The Cost of a Sucessful Liver Transplant. can be minimized by complete information about this process.
During our consultation we guide and educate the patient and family members and tell them all that is required for a Successful Liver Transplant at Minimum Cost.

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