About the Author Jyotsna Verma (Liver Transplant Consultant - India)

Jyotsna Verma, born and brought up in Delhi, India, worked with the pioneers of the field of Liver Transplantation when Liver Transplant in India was in its developing stage and has been an invaluable asset in the development of Liver Transplant in India with Dr. A. S. Soin and Dr. Subash Gupta. Her experience is unmatched in India in the volume of work she has done for patients and donors undergoing liver transplant operations as well as counselling them and their families.

She has also been trained at Kings College Hospital, London under the guidance of Dr. Nigel Heaton, Dr. M. Rela and Dr. John O' Grady in Cadaver Organ Donation and has passion to create awareness about Organ Donation in India to save many more lives with organ failure.

With her experience of dealing with about 12000 liver disease patients and personally coordinating more than 700 Liver Transplants, she established the website, www.livertransplantconsultant.com to help, guide and educate liver disease patients and those in the need of Liver Transplant. She wishes to share the moments faced by end stage liver disease patients, liver transplant patients and their family members.

She cherishes a dream to develop a "Deceased Donor Liver Transplant Program" in India like Europe and United States of America, and is working hard to materialize it. She has started an "Online Consent" for organ donation after death for the first time in India through her website.

The Process of Liver Transplant is highly complex and the patient and his family members have to face a lot of Medical, Financial and Legal problems. Her sole aim is to provide them relief by proper Guidance, Education and by answering thousands of queries in their minds related to this complex and expensive medical treatment. This can reduce the complexity of this whole process to a large extent and ultimately result in completion of this procedure with full satisfaction.

Above all, she believes that "Informed Decision" is the key to a Successful Liver Transplant and provides knowledge, and satisfaction to liver disease patients and their families.

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